Recruitment: Our 9 tips for an efficient and inexpensive recruitment process!

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Employees of a company are able to relay job offers to excellent candidates in their personal network. In addition, potential candidates will be more easily convinced by employees than by “corporate” messages.

It is for these two reasons that companies wishing to recruit more easily and at lower cost must encourage their employees to relay job offers and encourage unsolicited applications from people who seem to them to correspond to the company’s expectations. The first step is to inform all employees of future recruitment waves or occasional job openings. The second step is to set up a system of cooptation which will, in any case, be less expensive than a headhunting firm.

Beyond the acquisition of candidate files, it is very economical and effective to involve employees in the candidate selection process . They will be more attentive to technical skills and past experiences , which adds additional internal control.

The recruiter can focus on interpersonal skills, personality tests and administrative aspects .

Tip 1: Post job offers on recruitment sites

There are nearly 200 job boards and recruitment sites, ranging from the intranet of a Parisian university to international job boards such as Indeed, via the Pôle Emploi site and APEC. As these platforms are real pools of candidates in France , it is strongly recommended to be on them and, what is more, to be more visible than other recruiters.

For this, there are recruitment tools like Gestmax  or Taleez who post your offer on all the relevant job boards in seconds when it would take you days to do it by hand. In the example of Gestmax, the tool positions your offer on premium locations without imposing additional costs on you.

The savings are immediate:

It is no longer useful to seek the services of a firm recruitment firm or a headhunter, because your method will be just as effective.

The recruitment software that you can find here also allows you to follow the recruitment process and build a CV library. They also make it possible to forge relationships with the Grandes Ecoles (ESSEC, HEC) without more effort.

Tip 2: Become known in the areas of expertise in which you recruit

Be visible at events that interest your potential candidates is a great way to attract the best at low cost. Here are some concrete benefits:

  • On the candidate side:
  • Only the most motivated people go to events;
  • Events around specific themes interest the most experts.
  • On the recruiting side:

Interventions in this type of event are generally free;

Exposure and attention are maximized and the context lends credibility to your message.

It suffices at the end of the presentation to conclude in a corporate manner and to specify that the company is recruiting. These meetups or online conferences are preferably to be held by employees from the profession in question rather than by HR.

Tip 3: Use the corporate website to recruit

Taking advantage of your website costs absolutely nothing except a few hours of preparation of pages and texts. Create a “recruitment” page to describe the open positions, but also to answer a fundamental question: why work for you?

Recruitment software like Gestmax allows you to encapsulate your job offers directly on your site . Visitors thus have access to the positions offered in real time and can apply via an online form.

A strong trend in recruitment is inbound recruiting , inspired by inbound marketing, which consists of imagining a conversion tunnel to capture the best profiles and transform them into candidates. Thus, a unknown becomes a visitor, then a candidate, then an employee and finally an ambassador .

To do this, it is a question of using all the levers of the Web such as good SEO practices, your blog, the career site, the company pages, the job boards, and the social networks. If you open a JAVA developer position in Lyon, for example, name your page “Java Developer Lyon” to move up in Google’s positions.

Tip 4: Create a candidate experience alongside the HR process

The candidate experience is inspired by marketing and sales methods aimed at enhancing the customer experience. The idea is to engage the candidate in all the steps that will lead to his hiring and, in fact, to eliminate potential frictions .

It starts with up-to-date offers on your site and job boards (recruitment software synchronizes offers with your site and job boards). The online application must also be easy , fluid and reassure the candidate. Recruitment software, such as Taleez for example, with its ergonomic and customizable career site, offers an exceptional candidate experience.

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