Online trading: 5 pitfalls to avoid

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Online trading sites are increasingly frequented by individuals interested in stock market investments and Forex. However, many of them lack real domain knowledge. Engaging in trading under these conditions can be dangerous for your investments. Thus, to avoid possible inconveniences, it is essential to master the workings of trading or at least to know the pitfalls. Overview of mistakes that can cost you money.

Trading now takes place on an online platform or mobile application that allows you to invest in forex and financial securities. Thereafter, you will resell them to make interesting profits. But before you start, it is advisable to follow the best online trading training to acquire all the basics necessary for your investments to be successful.

When it comes to choosing your trading platform, you should opt for a trading site that offers an interface that is both ergonomic and intuitive. It should be easy to use, with experienced brokers and good spreads.

The chosen site should not have high trading fees. It must offer a plurality of financial instruments while allowing you to follow the best online trading training. Eventually, this advanced training is done through E.books, online trading guides for beginners…

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Negotiate before understanding

Most traders enter the field with the goal of making a quick buck. They don’t take the time to become well informed by reading the essentials on the financial markets. This leads to considerable losses after their investments, since they make decisions without understanding what they are really doing.

To avoid this, read books on trading and forex and watch tutorial videos. It is also helpful to talk to experienced traders to learn from their mistakes. It is equally important to practice with demo accounts to better understand the different aspects of trading.

Make bad analyzes

In trading, one should always carry out an analysis before opening a position in the market. You probably think that makes perfect sense, yet many people overlook this detail when they start out. Consequence: they end up with bad results. However, it is not always easy to do a good market analysis.

It is easy to make mistakes and miss opportunities. Indeed, it is not necessarily because the price trend of an asset is moving towards a direction that it is necessary to open a position in this same direction. You risk losing big by going headlong. Any trade opening should be done on the basis of careful analysis.

Trade without stop loss

As a non-professional trader, you should not trade without a stop loss. The stop loss is an order to close a position that applies when the price movement becomes unfavorable. It allows you to limit your losses when managing an open trading position or a portfolio. In order not to lose more than necessary in trading, you have to set the necessary limits.

Trading too many different assets

One of the biggest mistakes not to make is to trade a large amount of different assets per day. One should not trade contracts on CFD shares, crude oil and several other assets in the same day. The ideal is to concentrate, like the best traders, on a few assets (less than 4) in the same day. This allows you to control these assets and better monitor their evolution.

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